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Periods in the Outdoors with Buket Tinoco, FNP

December 26, 2021

In this episode, we invite family nurse practitioner and women’s health expert Buket Tinoco from The Fifth fFaze to answer some of our most common and important questions as women outdoor adventurers:

How do you stay clean down there on a multi-day trip? Should you plan your trip around your period? What are some ways to relieve period cramps on a camping trip? Is sex in the outdoors safe? And many more…. 


Buket also shares facts and her approach to becoming in sync with your cycle and living a more balanced life.  No question is too embarrassing or taboo. Listener discretion is advised.


We highly recommend following Buket on Instagram @TheFifthFaze. For interested listeners, Buket also recommends book Pussy: Reclaimed by Regena Tomashauer.


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